Sunday, April 15, 2012

Pokemon of the Week.... LUCARIO!!!!

     Hey!! look, i was actually on time today!!! So this week's pokemon of the week is lucario!  I was watching "Lucario and the mystery of mew"™, and i was thinking that Lucario was going to be the next pokemon of the week. So lucario is a really cool pokemon, he's like a aura ninja( i no i compare pokemon to ninjas alot, but you have to agree, ninjas and pokemon are a really cool combo)!! Lucario uses aura based attacks, and can sense the aura in anything, good or bad. Lucario's charater was also base off of the egyptian god, anubis! Lucario's is one of those "dual-type" pokemon because it's Steel and Fighting type, it has apperad in the famous smash brawl game for game-cube too, his japanese name is Rukario( way to spin that name off), his sinnoh # is 116 and his national # is 448. Here's something new his catch rate is 65/100 % and this is the rate for the genders its a 87.5 % for males and 12.5% for female, thats good cause i think lucarios more of a male pokemon. Thats all for today!! Ohh yea i forgot today i checked my blog stats and i have more russian viewers!!! and 1 AUSTRALIAN viewer!!!! yea and couple of german  and more from amercia!!! Yea im really excited so guys tell every one you know bout this blog and keep coming back i would love some feedback guys so plz comment!!!( HI AUSTRALIAN PERSON)!!!!

    Heres the part of the movie wher lucario comes out of the staff, it's near the end of the video though so just watch it it's cool!!!!


  1. hey this site is cool

  2. Thanks, for the comment! are you one of the viewers or r u new??, if ur one of the viewers are u the russians, american or australian? thanks any way plz give any ideas you would like to see on the blog id appreciate it and tell every one you know how like s pokemon thanks!!! ( srry for th long reply!!:))

  3. and keep viewing !!! Ill take any suggestions on anything you want for the blog!!!:)